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  • Core stability exercises, back care education

  • Hydrotherapy, accupuncture

  • Manual therapy, which uses the massage and manipulation of the body's soft tissues to relieve pain and promote healing

  • Preparing the body before spinal surgery and rehabilitation after surgery

  • General strength training

  • Rehabilitation after a back or neck injury

  • Rehabilitation after a sports injury

  • Comprehensive musculoskeletal evaluation to determine the cause of and best treatment for acute or chronic pain


Tailor made 1 to 1 physiotherapy is available at all of our private hospitals. Domiciliary visits can also be arranged at your request. 



Following your initial in-depth consultation Mr. Navin Verghese will advise regarding further investigations which may be required and formulate a treatment plan tailor made to your needs. West Wales Spine offer a full range of non-surgical and surgical treatments. Listed below is an overview of these interventions. However we are constantly refining our treatment regimes with audit and research tools in order to ensure optimal outcomes via up to date treatment methods.



Drug therapy may be advised in the first intance along with physical therapy depending on the exact nature of your condition. Painkillers can be extremely effective at managing short term flare ups as well as more chronic longer term symptoms if used correctly. There are a broad spectrum of different analgesics which have differing mechanisms of action and hence can be used in situations where other medications are ineffective. There are various methods of delivering these medications, the most common being per oral however we may, as guided by our pain specialist physicians and monitored by your GP advise other delivery methods such as patches. Painkillers can be an excellent adjunct to physiotherapy. Various medications may also be prescribed in the pre and post op period if you do require surgery.




If your symptoms do not respond to the above measures Mr. Verghese may advise surgery. At West Wales Spine Mr. Verghese performs all the surgical procedures in one of our private hospitals and at a time which is convenient to you. Surgery can be organised within a very short time scale (Usually within 1 - 2 weeks) and occasionally sooner if your needs are very urgent. Mr Verghese offers the majority of contemporary spinal surgical procedures and specializes in minimally invasive techniques. All our private hospitals have state of the art spinal microscopes, image intensifiers (portable xray machines) and nerve monitoring computers to ensure we provide the utmost in safe care. We will discuss in detail what surgical options are available to treat your condition but below is a non-exhaustive list (with links to further sites providing greater detail).


Lower back 





  • Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion

  • Cervical disc replacement

  • Posterior cervical decompression and fusion

  • Adult deformity corrections

  • Fracture stabilizations

  • Tumour surgery

  • Cement augmentation for Osteoporosis - Vertebroplasty, Kyphoplasty







 Spinal injections are normally a combination of steroid (anti-inflammatory medication) and local anaesthetic. Certain spinal conditions are very responsive to injection therapy. However, usually the effects are temporary and therefore must be combined with other treatments such as physiotherapy to prevent a relapse of symptoms. In situations where the pain does return then other more sophisticated injection techiques may be advised including facet joint denervation (Rhizolysis). At West Wales Spine Mr. Navin Verghese and our pain specialists offer the following treatments:-


  • Neck pain - Cervical facet blocks, cervical epidurals, Cervical facet joint denervation

  • Back pain - Thoracic and lumbar facet blocks, Lumbar and caudal epidurals, thoracic and lumbar facet denervation

  • Brachalgia (Shoulder and arm pain due to trapped nerves in the neck) - Cervical nerve root blocks

  • Sciatica (buttock/ groin/ leg pain due to trapped nerve in the lower back) - Epidurals, Lumbar nerve root blocks

  • Sacro-iliac Joint problems - Standards steroid injections, S-I joint denervation

  • Muscular pains - Localized muscle compartment blocks, Botox



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